Learn the basics of wood drying

Release Time:2019-04-10

  Wood drying refers to the process of relying on the energy provided by the outside world to turn the water in the wood into steam and discharge the wood. The drying of wood can be divided into two categories: natural drying and manual drying.we are provide wood dry machine,we can guarantee the quality of wood dry machine.

  The most important thing in choosing solid wood furniture is to look at the intrinsic quality of the furniture, that is, the drying problem of the wood. The control of the moisture content of wood is a problem that people can't see when they buy furniture, which is very easy to ignore. This is directly related to whether the furniture will be deformed and cracked.

  If the drying equipment is not good, the moisture content control is not in place. Even if the shape of the furniture is beautiful and the workmanship is fine, it is difficult to ensure that the furniture will not be deformed or cracked. Therefore, most small manufacturers usually produce panel furniture instead of Production of solid wood furniture.

  What is the moisture content (weight) of the wood? This is mainly determined by the average air humidity in the area. Only when the moisture content of the board is balanced with the external air humidity can the stability of the furniture be ensured without deformation and cracking.

  The average air moisture content of each region is different, with an average of 10% in the north and 16% in the south. According to the difference of air moisture content between the north and the south, the state has established regulations to control the water content to within 12%.

  Due to the high air moisture content in the south, the furniture produced is difficult to adapt to the northern climate. It can be reduced by 0.5-1.5mm per 10 cm. It is not suitable for use in the north and is easily deformed and cracked. The average air moisture content in North China is closest to the country's wood moisture content.

  General small enterprises use earthen kiln baking or commissioned wood processing plants for processing. The moisture content of the board can only be controlled to about 14%, and the temperature rise will make the moisture content inside and outside the board unbalanced. There is no guarantee in the quality of the furniture.

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