What is the premise of safe use of the dryer?

Release Time:2019-04-10

  The dryer is a drying machine that can dry a variety of materials and is simple and reliable to operate. Because the dryer is reliable in operation, strong in adaptability and large in processing capacity, it is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, food, light industry, chemical industry, In the coal, pharmaceutical and mining industries.we are provide wood dry machine,we can guarantee the quality of wood dry machine.

  The application is very extensive. Loved by users. In order to make the dryer safer to use, the following prerequisites must be done:

  1.Before moving, check whether the moving parts, bearings, conveyor belts and V-belts are damaged or damaged. If it is not correct, repair or replace it in time.

  2,lubrication and maintenance, the hot air blower works for 100 hours, and the cooling fan adds lubricating oil every 400 hours of work. The motor is replaced and the butter is replaced every 1000 hours of operation. The hoist and conveyor bearings are filled with lubricating oil for each shift.

  3,maintenance of vulnerable parts: bearings, bearing blocks, lifting buckets, lifting bucket screws are easy to loose, to be frequently repaired and maintained. Conveyor bearings and tape connection buckles should be checked and replaced frequently. Electrical appliances and moving parts should be inspected frequently. At the top of the tower, pay attention to safety.

  4,season replacement maintenance, the dryer should be maintained every work season, the dryer should clean the inner air duct debris, the hoist should loosen the tension wire, the fan should clean the blade adhesion, the hot stove converter should Clean up the sedimentation tank and clean the pipelines one by one. The speed control motor speed control table returns to zero standby.

  5.If the dryer is working outdoors, it must take corresponding measures to protect against rain and snow. The whole machine needs to undergo a large-scale maintenance and overhaul every year, and paint protection is required every two years.

  The equipment produced by our company has the characteristics of reasonable design, advanced structure, energy saving, safety and environmental protection.

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