duotian mechanical high frequency generator features

Release Time:2019-03-25

  1)More scientific and reasonable circuit design, more convenient and user-friendly operation panel

  2)Control some components such as relays, contactors, etc. all use European brands such as Schneider, Siemens or Omron,we are provide HF generator 20KW,you can know it.we can guarantee the quality of HF generator 20KW.

  3)Instruct the control part such as lights, buttons, etc. to adopt domestic selected brands

  4)Other accessories and even cables are all GB standard, and the transformer is designed in 5 steps (the adjustment range is more selective)

  Features are:

  1.Automatic temperature control: When the wood temperature rises to the set value, the high-frequency opportunity stops working; when the temperature drops to the lower limit, the device will automatically start and restart the heating process;

  2.Automatic time control: The user can conveniently control the heating process by setting the heating time and waiting time. It is very convenient for the thick wood to heat, which ensures the safety of the wood heating process;

  3.Multi-power output selection: The user can select the appropriate heating power according to the actual situation of the object to be heated, and the power conversion is convenient. The user does not have to restart the device during the conversion process;

  4.Automatic control of vacuum pump: The vacuum pump control system is integrated on the equipment, which can realize automatic control of vacuum degree;

  5,a variety of specifications for users to choose: high-frequency machines are divided into 10kw, 20kw, 3okw, 60kw and other specifications according to power, users can customize according to different needs.

  6,the company's equipment warranty for one year (excluding electronic tubes).

  The company has always adhered to the tenet of credibility, trust and confidence, and wholeheartedly serves the users.


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